Heat Policy

MUSC uses the guidelines from Sports Medicine Australia for it's heat policy.

The current Melbourne forecast can be found here.

 Ambient temperatureRelative humidityRisk of heat illnessRecommended management for sports activities
 15–20°C  LowHeat illness can occur in distance running.
Caution over-motivation.
 21–25°C Exceeds 70% Low–moderateIncrease vigilance.
Caution over-motivation.
 2630°C Exceeds 60%
 ModerateModerate early pre-season training.
Reduce intensity and duration of play/training.
Take more breaks.
 Exceeds 50% High–very high
Uncomfortable for most people.
Limit intensity, take more breaks.
Limit duration to less than 60 min per session.
 36°C and above
 Exceeds 30%
 ExtremeVery stressful for most people.
Postpone to a cooler conditions (or cooler part of the day) or cancellation.

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