Match day duties

All players of the club are expected to help out on match days.

There are two major duties, bbq and ground marshalls.

Ground Marshalls

The ground marshalls are responsible for escorting the Match officials to and from the field at the prior to the start of the game, at half-time and after full-time.  FFV regulations state there must be four ground marshalls for each provisional league and state league match.

Each ground marshall must be wearing a bib which identifies them as a marshall.

If you need to go and prepare for your game, it is your responsibility to find another person to become a marshall.


Players on the bbq are responsible for preparing food, and then selling food and drinks.

The bbq does most of its business at half time of the reserves game and at full-time of the reserves game.  Please ensure that there is sufficient food available at those two times.

If you are playing in a senior game and no-one can be found to take over the bbq when you need to go and get ready, then turn the bbq down to low heat and give the cashbox to the team manager for your team.  Then once the reserves players are ready to take over they just turn the heat back up and continue on.

The reserves players are also responsible for cleaning up the bbq and putting it away at the end of the match.

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