MUSC History

The University of Melbourne Sports Union officially gave birth to theMelbourne Sports Soccer Club on Wednesday 9 July 1947. Owing to growingmembership throughout the years, the club initially formed two teams, theRangers and the Blues and later the Women's team.  The Club now comprises10 senior teams across 7 divisions, all playing under the banner of either theUniversity Blues, University Rangers and University Women's teams.

The Melbourne University Rangers were promoted from Provisional 1NW atthe end of the 2008 season. They have since been in State 3NW.  TheUniversity of Melbourne Blues play in State League 5E (following theamalgamation of the Provisional and Metropolitan leagues into the Stateleagues). The University of Melbourne Women's team play in Women's Division 1.

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If anybody has any further information about the history of the Club,please it to enquiries@musc.com.au.

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