COVID-19 Return to Training Info Pack

Following the easing of the Stage 3 restrictions relating to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, MUSC have compiled the following resources to meet conditions that will allow restricted club training activities to resume in late-May/early-June.

All players returning to training must follow the guidelines listed below, for their own safety and the safety of their teammates.

These guidelines have been developed by combining guidance from relevant authorities including Football Victoria, the Victorian Government, and the University of Melbourne. Complying with these guidelines increases the likelihood of MUSC returning to less restrictive training and competition activities.

1. MUSC COVID-19 Level B Guidelines for Players

All players must read and agree to follow the Level B guidelines, below.

Resource: MUSC COVID-19 Level B Guidelines for Players (PDF)

If you have any questions, please contact Stu Dow via [email protected]

2. MUSC Level B Operating Framework

The MUSC COVID-19 Level B Operating Framework has been developed to oversee a staged return of limited activities in line with relevant guidance from the AIS, the Victorian Government, Football Victoria, the University of Melbourne and the City of Melbourne. The framework outlines how the club will practically implement operational activities through this period.

Resource: MUSC COVID-19 Level B Operating Framework (PDF)

3. MU Sport Framework

This MU Sport framework has been created to provide a baseline of preparation and delivery for a return of club training sessions for affiliated sporting clubs of the University of Melbourne.

Resource: MU Sport Framework for Resumption of Community Sport and Recreation (PDF)

4. Football Victoria Return to Training Conditions

Football Victoria have released Return to Training conditions for Victorian clubs. These mandatory conditions have been built within the framework provided by Sport & Recreation Victoria (SRV), in correlation with the latest Government advice.

Resource: FV Return to Training Conditions (PDF)

5. MU Sport Health Questionnaire

As an affiliated sporting club of the University of Melbourne, all coaches and players returning to training with MUSC must complete MU Sport’s COVID-19 Return to Club Training and Activities Health Check form, linked below.

Resource: MU Sport Health Check (Online Form)

MUSC participants should select SOCCER as the club/sport in Question 3.

MUSC participants should select option 3 – To return to approved club training off campus in Question 7.

6. MUSC Return to Training Declaration

All coaches and players seeking a return to training with MUSC must complete the following form acknowledging that they have familiarised themselves with and agree to follow the Level B Guidelines for Players.

Resource: MUSC Return to Training Declaration (Online Form)