Humans of MUSC: Danyal Masood

In our third instalment of Humans of MUSC we talk to our very own Danyal Masood. He’s currently a second year Politics and Philosophy major at the University of Melbourne whilst playing as a Left Back in our State League 5 team.

Hi Danyal, can you introduce yourself.

I am a second year Bachelor of Arts Student at the University of Melbourne. I am 19 and am originally of Pakistani and South-Korean descent, though I have also been an overseas Australian my entire life. I grew up in Islamabad, New York, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing.

What a diverse background of experiences you’ve had, why did you choose to play at the Melbourne University Soccer Club?

I have always been passionate about football and wanted to keep playing whilst pursuing a world class education at one of Australia’s finest institutions. I missed all of preseason last year, so I had to rely on a one-match trial to find myself a team. I told the coaches I was a left-back, knowing that I would get a lot of playing time in one of the more rare positions. Luckily enough, I was selected to play with the Men’s State 3 team. Playing football has made the transition to life in Australia very easy and has been the highlight of my university experience so far.

What do you feel are the main benefits of playing at MUSC?

The spirit of the MUSC community is amazing. Some players have been playing for quite a while now and are actual club legends! MUSC is more than just a chance to kick a football around a few times a week — it’s a great way to meet mentors, make lifelong friends, improve mental health, and of course, keep fit! The club also gets behind some really great causes. Last year, a futsal tournament was organised by the club to raise awareness of gambling-related harm and celebrate our love for the beautiful game.

Has there been a favourite season at MUSC, if so why?

This is only my second season at the club, but I had a great time being part of the state 3 reserves side that finished as second in the league and I am looking forward to creating more memories at the club!

What about your current involvement in the soccer club?

I am currently playing in the State 5 team. The team boasts a wide variety of talent and experience with several club legends and many promising young players.

Has there been a standout coach at MUSC and the best player you have played alongside at MUSC?

I have worked with four coaches since joining the club: Euan Roberts, Shoni Maguire, Sam Matheas and Pete Ajar. All four are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the game. A key philosophy that I have learnt under their guidance is to always focus on the process and let the results take care of themselves.

I feel that there are so many quality players in each position, so it’s really hard to single anyone out. However, some of the more awe-inspiring players that I have had a chance to play alongside/train with would have to be Sean Michael, Rai Spiller, Mauricio Gutierrez, and the unstoppable Di Gregorio brothers.

Do you have any particularly memorable experiences relating to your sports/outdoor activities?

The most memorable experience of my university sporting career so far would have to be the 2017 University Nationals. I was part of the futsal team that came 6th at the Gold Coast. It was a great way to test the technical elements of our game and express ourselves. Under the sagacious leadership of Menas Antachew and Eu-Kin Lim, I learnt how to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. I also made some great friends along the way (Ryan Davis NG, Rob Cameron, Ludvig Klasman and many others).

Awesome, everyone that has been has told me that University Nationals is an unforgettable experience!

Besides sports, do you have any other hobbies or passions?

I love learning different languages and I am an aspiring polyglot.

What has been your most memorable goal at your time at MUSC?

Australian Nationals 2017, Melbourne University vs University of Notre Dame

What a screamer … Thanks for your insights Danyal!

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