Blues Honour Roll (1980-2005)

Before merging into one club in the mid-2000s, the club consisted of the Men’s University Blues, the Men’s University Rangers and the Women’s teams.

Below are the individual award winners for the Melbourne Uni Blues First Team from 1980 to 2005.

* indicates the player also won the League Best & Fairest award.

YearLeagueBest & FairestRunner Up B&FTop Scorer
1980Prov 3Tim NealesJohn Gioskos
1981Prov 3Tim NealesJohn GioskosIan Campbell (8)
1982Prov 3Steven AustenTim Neales*Tony Clayworth (25)
1983Prov 3Alex CorsarRod GreenTony Clayworth (10)
1984Prov 2John ThompsonAlex CorsarHarry Gill (9)
1985Prov 2Tony Clayworth*Stacey GelisRichard Lewis (7)
1986Prov 2Tony ClayworthTim NealesTony Clayworth (9)
1987Prov 3Tim NealesRay HairTim Neales (11)
1988Prov 3Andy KennedyStuart VeitchTom Jovanovski, Andy Brown (9)
1989Prov 2Tan Yeng HockChris GilbertAndy Brown (12)
1990Prov 2Tony ClayworthTan Yeng HockTony Clayworth (7)
1991Prov 2Tony ClayworthSteven AustenTony Clayworth (6)
1992Prov 2Kevin O’Sullivan, Chris GilbertChris Gilbert (7)
1993Prov 3Maurice RyanDave McRobertMaurice Ryan, Chris Gilbert (9)
1994Prov 3Andy BrownHarry GillAndy Brown (12)
1995Prov 3Dave McRobertHarry GillAndy Brown (13)
1996Prov 3Miguel MarquesTim NealesMiguel Marques (12)
1997Prov 3Sean TobinMiguel MarquesMichael Cosmano (9)
1998Prov 2Rob TobinSean TobinNick Dipietrantonio (9)
1999Prov 2Nick DipietrantonioRob TobinnNick Dipietrantonio, Andy Brown (10)
2000Prov 2Nick DipietrantonioRob RobinMaurice Ryan (7)
2001Prov 2Rob TobinLui SposatoAndy Brown, Rob Tobin (6)
2002Prov 2Brant MitchellRob TobinRob Darby (10)
2003Prov 2Brant MitchellRob TobinRob Darby (7)
2004Prov 2Jimmy FrancisPete KingNick Dipietrantonio (6)
2005Prov 2Miguel MarquesDave ConnollyAlex Watson (5)