Maria Berry Trophy

The Maria Berry Players’ Player of the Year is awarded to a player who has shown outstanding dedication to the club. The trophy is named after Maria Berry, in recognition and appreciation of her tremendous commitment to Melbourne University Soccer Club.

2019Anna Leonedas
2018Clare Browne
2017Adrienne Heslop
2016Lynn Dullaghan
2015Rachel Bach
2014Kate Richardson
2013Michelle Hay
2012Madeleine Horey
2011Rebecca Ryan
2010Rebecca Ryan & Julia Scarfe
2009Rebecca Ryan
2008Michelle Thum
2007Simone Gristwood
2006Laura Brady
2005Laura Brady
2004Laura Brady
2003Eva Fenwick
2002Simone Gristwood
2001Simone Gristwood
2000Jane Ward
1999Nicole Poulsen
1997Emily Waghorne
1996Maggie Koumi
1995Leigh Johnston
1994Ann Spranger
1993Jacqui Tomlins
1992Teresa Pong
1991Elizabeth Mast
1990Jacki Ford
1989Linda Poke
1988Dianne Hutchinson
1987Elizabeth Mast
1986Jane Ward
1985Maria Berry