Notice of AGM and Special Resolution

1) Notice of Annual General Meeting
2) Notice of Special Resolution
3) AGM Proxy Form
4) Call for Nominations for Director positions
5) Call for General Business items

1. Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of University of Melbourne Soccer Club Inc (ACA #A0025954L, ABN #22 951 070 200) will be held:

Date: Tuesday 15 December 2020
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Online (via Zoom)

where the following business is to be considered:

  1. Acceptance of minutes from previous AGM.
  2. To receive and consider the annual report of Directors on the activities of the Club during the preceding financial year.
  3. To receive and consider the financial statements of the Club for the preceding financial year.
  4. To receive and consider the Life Member recommendations for:
    – Madeleine Horey
    – David Lea
  5. To consider a special resolution to change the association’s rules.
  6. To elect the Directors.
  7. General business.

Tabled document: MUSC Constitution – PROPOSED – Nov 2020 [PDF]

The AGM agenda and information on how to access the meeting will be distributed closer to the event date.

2. Notice of Special Resolution

Notice is hereby given, that at the upcoming AGM, it is intended that the following motion be proposed as a special resolution:

THAT the current Constitution of University of Melbourne Soccer Club Inc be repealed and the proposed new Constitution attached to the notice of the meeting of the members of University of Melbourne Soccer Club Inc, be adopted as the Constitution of University of Melbourne Soccer Club Inc.

Tabled document: MUSC Constitution – PROPOSED – Nov 2020 [PDF]

Additional information:
a) MUSC Constitution – CURRENT – Mar 2014 [PDF]
b) MUSC Constitution Changes – 2014 v 2020 [PDF]

The Club’s Board of Directors is proposing to amend the association’s Constitution, as:
— The constitution is overburdened with items that are better managed by policy or by-laws;
— The governance structure outlined in the constitution is out of date for how the club can operate most effectively to achieve its goals; and
— The constitution puts too much emphasis on the club following the agenda and processes of Football Victoria.

A special resolution requires approval by a least 75% of eligible votes cast on the resolution.

The Board of Directors unanimously recommend that members vote in favour of the resolution.

3. Proxy Form

This year, our AGM will be held online due to current COVID-19 circumstances and Government Body recommendations. If you are a Member and unable to attend online via Zoom, you may appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf on the above special resolution, acceptance of financial statements, life membership recommendations, and any elections for Directors. A proxy must be a 2020 Member who is entitled in their own right to vote at a general meeting of MUSC and will be received up until 24 hours prior to the AGM.

In the circumstances of 2020, the Board decided and communicated in August that any player who paid their $40 training fee is considered a 2020 club Member, and will therefore be eligible to vote in the AGM, whether in-person or by proxy.

Online form: 2020 AGM – Proxy Appointment Form

4. Board of Directors: Call for Nominations

Members are invited to nominate for a position on the Board of Directors.

Online form: 2020 AGM – Call for Nominations

If the special resolution passes, the changes to the Constitution will not take immediate effect as they will still need to be ratified by Consumer Affairs Victoria. Therefore, the election of the Board of Directors at the 2020 AGM will proceed as specified in the current constitution regardless of whether the special resolution passes.

Nominees should be aware that if the special resolution passes, the structure of the 2021 Board will change. All Directors appointed at the 2020 AGM will remain Directors. The President will remain President. The duplicated Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary roles would no longer exist, so three Directors would continue serving as Ordinary Board Members instead of holding an office bearer position. The Board will also have an opportunity to appoint one more Director to fill a vacancy.

Nominees should be content with being an Ordinary Board Member as an office bearer position (VP, Secretary, Treasurer) is not guaranteed. The outcome of the special resolution will be known before the election of the 2021 Board takes place.

All efforts will be made to support nominees through the application process.

5. Call for General Business items

Members can suggest general business items they would like to see discussed at the AGM. Items will be accepted up until 24 hours before the meeting start time.

Online form: 2020 AGM – General Business Items Form

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