Robinson Gill Lawyers Partner for 2021

MUSC is proud to have the Robinson Gill Lawyer group on board for the 2021 season!

Robinson Gill Lawyers as part of their agreement with MUSC will have the main sponsorship on the State League 4 Men’s, Women’s VPL and the Over 35’s kits for players and coaches during the course of the season. The firm will also help provide shorts and socks for players in the teams previously stated.

Robinson Gill have built an accessible law firm that members of the MUSC community can reach out to if needed. The founding principal is the beloved character and legend at the club being Harry Gill. With a range of specialists available to speak to, Robinson Gill is conveniently located in Box Hill for MUSC.

You can find the law firm on their website, via Facebook and Instagram @robinsongill.lawyers. They are also available via phone 03 9890 3321.

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