Andrew Bullen


Andrew Bullen, known at the club as AB, was awarded life membership of Melbourne University Soccer Club in 2022. AB has made a significant contribution to MUSC as a player, coach, volunteer, and supporter over his 20-year association with the club.

AB joined MUSC in 2001 during his second year of university and went on to become a stalwart of the club. AB was one of the club’s most dedicated and valuable volunteers and leaders for a number of years. Many of the club’s recent successes are built on initiatives introduced under AB’s stewardship.

AB was awarded the Clubman of the Year award in 2012 and the Ian Johnston Trophy for Thirds Clubman of the Year in 2011 and again in 2013, one of only two people to win that award twice. That AB was awarded one of the perpetual trophies recognising outstanding service to the club for three consecutive years speaks of his impact on and dedication to the club.


AB played more than 300 matches for MUSC over 19 seasons. Those matches were predominately for the club’s Sunday teams. In years when his team was aligned as the Thirds team for one of the men’s Prov or State League teams, AB also often filled in for several Reserves matches each season, doubling up to play on both the Saturday and Sunday of a weekend.

As a player, his contribution and good character have been recognised with two Best & Fairest awards and Coach’s award. AB has won two team Top Goalscorer awards and was a member of the Metro 3 team that won the league in 2014.


AB served as a volunteer coach at MUSC for eight seasons, co-coaching Metro League teams with Neil Turner, Tyrone Pennett, Jarrod MacCulloch, Matthew Ramsden and Tom Proctor.

Without volunteer coaches, MUSC’s teams would not exist. The average “lifespan” of a player-coach at MUSC in the 2010s was 1-3 years. AB’s volunteering as a coach for eight years gave participation opportunities to many players.


AB’s roles on the Men’s Divisional Committee over 8 years included President, Secretary, Fundraising Officer, Events Officer, Thirds Liaison Officer and General Committee Member.

Amongst other fundraising initiatives and events, he organised and ran trivia, poker, and presentation nights, and organised 5-a-side competitions in the offseason.

AB joined the Board in 2012, serving in the role of Secretary for two years and then President for two more.

As Secretary, AB took a lead role in MUSC re-writing and adopting a new constitution to meet Football Victoria requirements and changes to Consumer Affairs Victoria rules. The Director of Football and Club Operations Officer positions were created during AB’s time on the Board, roles that helped bring more professionalism to the club. The COO role, co-funded by MU Sport, has fostered the strong relationship the club now enjoys with the MU Sport and has allowed the club to operate more effectively as well as secure more funding and other support from the University.

In 2014, AB took on the role of President, steering MUSC and the Men’s Division through one of its most difficult years when the club was relocated to Lawn 7 at Royal Park while Princes Park was redeveloped. At Royal Park, the club’s men’s teams were housed in demountables and provided with a (sometimes) lockable shipping container for equipment storage, there was no running water, and the two pitches barely coped with the number of scheduled matches. Keeping coaches and players satisfied and engaged was a challenge.

AB continued as President in 2015 and oversaw the club’s move back to the redeveloped Princes Park, now with six football pitches. The club establishing a tenancy of the Northern Pavilion. Until that time, the club used change rooms in the Southern Pavilion, which had no social areas. A BBQ (with no shelter) was the only source of matchday income for the club. With a move to the Northern Pavilion, the club was able to get a Liquor Licence to run a bar and canteen – a significant new revenue stream for the club and an important factor in starting to develop a culture at the club of having a home base and members sticking around to socialise and develop a club culture. With better pitches and clubrooms, the club was well placed to move forward on the pitch in terms of team success, participation and inclusion. While AB was President, the club entered teams in VicSoccer leagues for the first time, allowing the club to provide more participation opportunities and improve its finances.

AB has personally championed many good causes within the club. In lieu of the club offering any drinks or snacks (only a BBQ) when the club operated out of the Southern Pavilion, Andrew and Sarah Bullen sold drinks and snacks to fundraise for juvenile diabetes research. AB was the key driver within the men’s teams of Rainbow Laces, one of the earliest club initiatives to support pride in sport. AB was the key driver within the club for the Lace Up against social violence campaign which saw players wear orange laces- an initiative of Step Back Think, to educate, raise awareness and create change around social violence at a time when there was a campaign in society to re-term king-hits as coward punches.


  • 1x Clubman of the Year (2012)
  • 2x Thirds Clubman of the Year (2011, 2013)
  • An estimated 300+ matches as a player over 19 seasons (2001-2019)
    • 2x Best & Fairest (2002, 2006)
    • 2x Top Goalscorer (2002, 2004)
    • 1x Coach’s Award (2008)
    • 1x League Championship (2014)
    • 1x League Runner-Up (2018)
  • 8 seasons as a volunteer coach
    • 1x League Runner-Up (2018)
  • 4 years serving on the MUSC Board
    • 2 years as President (2014, 2015)
    • 2 years as Secretary (2012, 2013)
  • 8 years serving on the MUSC Men’s Committee
    • 2 years as President (2014, 2015)
    • 2 years as Secretary (2012, 2013)
    • Events Officer (2012)
    • Fundraising Officer (2011)
    • Thirds Liaison Officer (2009)
    • General Committee Member (2017)