Humans of MUSC: Carlo Di Gregorio

Carlo is a Melbourne University student currently in his final semester of his Bachelor of Environments majoring in Construction with plans to begin his Masters of Construction Management at the Melbourne School of Design later this year. To complement his aspirations for a career in construction management, we talk to him about his concurrent passion and involvement with the Melbourne University Soccer Club (MUSC).

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule, why did you choose to play and how did you find out about Melbourne University Soccer Club?

It all started from the passion for the game. Nah there’s a bit of a funny story on how I found out about the club – After I graduated high school in 2013 I wanted to continue to play soccer, after doing a bit of research online I found what I thought was MUSC. But apparently I emailed the MUSC women’s team. They were quite accommodating with my situation and I would highly recommend any female students to join the women’s teams. So after a few back and forth slightly embarrassing emails they directed me to the men’s training session. I tried out for the Metro 1 team and was selected by Peter Ross and the legendary club record goal scorer Michael “Cosi” Cosmano. Since then I haven’t looked back playing across multiple teams, being part of two finals (unfortunately losing both them) and also winning three league titles in my time at MUSC.

Nice one! Sounds like you have jumped straight into it, what is your current Involvement with the Club?

I currently play in the State 5 team and I also volunteer my time to run the MUSC bar and help out at social events – my RSA was organised from Melbourne University sport so I could support them. MUSC also run a lot of annual social events, my favourite being vote count night which is always a good way to reminisce and celebrate the season with the boys.

What do you feel are the main benefits of playing at MUSC?

Well obviously there’s the physical benefits of keeping fit but I feel the connections you make and the community environment at MUSC is what really makes it special. Whether it’s the sausage sizzle at the Princes Park home game or post game esky full of beers there’s always something going on and it just makes you want to come back for more! You also learn lots of lessons that are transferrable to all aspects of your life – one of which was in the memorable 2016 grand final against Old Scotch. We had a man sent off and at half time walking into the changing room I was talking to Captain Eoin Kearns. I commented on how unlucky the contentious red card was and that it was going to be difficult to win the game. Kearnsy told me to stop complaining, have a positive attitude and focus on to the task at hand. From that I learned how a negative attitude gets you nowhere and I have taken this mentality to every subsequent game I’ve played for the club.

What would you say to any students or future players considering joining MUSC?

Do it! You won’t regret it. I’ve invited four people to the club and they all love it. You will meet people from different backgrounds that you wouldn’t have previously met. Especially if you are on exchange, there is no better way to integrate into Australian culture than joining a local sports team. Professionally as well you can leverage contacts within the club – I know of one person that was in the same team as his lecturer! Regardless of your skill level, there are 13 teams across a wide variety of skill levels so get down and try out – you will have a great time.

Finally, I have to ask you … what’s been your most memorable goal?

It’s too hard to choose one – I’ve scored so many important and beautiful goals.

Ah of course, another humble striker … Keep doing what you’re doing!

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