Humans of MUSC: Eduardo “Edu” Daga de Sousa

In this instalment of Humans of MUSC we talk to our very own Eduardo “Edu” Daga de Sousa where we delve into his 8 year involvement in the club and how it helped him integrate into Australian culture.

Can you introduce yourself please?

I’m Brazilian guy that came to Australia for a new challenge when I was 32 years of age. It was pure luck that I choose Melbourne to live in. I’m 41 years old and I have a removalist business ( I’m married and we have great kid called Julian!

Why did you choose to play at the Melbourne University Soccer Club?

I chose MUSC because it the first soccer club that appeared on google on the day I was looking for a team to play with. Plus was close to Brunswick where I used to live….

Haha good to know our MUSC is investing our rego fees in Google AdWords… What do you feel are the main benefits of playing at MUSC?

For me was a good classroom because when started play for MUSC I couldn’t speak English properly and my soccer mates helped me a lot.

Fantastic, free English lessons AND you get to play the game you love… If you could give one reason to join MUSC what would it be?

The friendship and honesty in the club

Has there been a favourite season at MUSC, if so why?

2012 because was my first championship with George (coach)

What about your current involvement in the soccer club?

This year I’ve decided play with master’s team and I will also help the club out when I can. I’m quite busy with my family and a new challenge I have decided to tackle: the triathlon.

Amazing, it’s good to know that you’ve been able to transition easily into different teams and roles depending on your personal situation. Has there been a standout coach at MUSC? (and) the best player you have played alongside at MUSC?

I have been at the club for 9 years and I played alongside many great players and coaches. I would like to mention Mathew Misfud because he is the player that I’ve played most seasons together with. As for coaches, both George and Marco have been the best coaches that I’ve had.

Besides sports, do you have any other hobbies or passions?

I like swimming and I’m a very good cook almost a “chef” lol

Well you’ll have put those chef skills to use on the weekend sausage sizzles!! What has been your most memorable goal at your time at MUSC?

I’ve scored around 50 goals between seniors and reserves in the Men’s State League teams … I would say my first goal at the club was the very important for me. I came on in the second half from the bench and I scored. We were losing at that point and we went on to draw the game … at the end of that season I received the best and fairest player of 2011 for my team.

A truly inspiring story, thanks for sharing Edu and I can’t wait to see you around the club this season!

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