Update from the Board

2020 Annual General Meeting

It is a requirement that the club hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) within 5 months of the end of our financial year. The club’s end of financial year is 15 October, meaning the deadline to hold an AGM is in March. Usually, we hold the AGM in late October or early November.

The board anticipates holding the 2020 AGM in early December. It is anticipated that the AGM will be an online meeting. The club will give the required 21-day notice to members as to where and when the AGM will take place. Any special resolutions proposed to be dealt with at the AGM will also be circulated at that time.

It is because the board is preparing a special resolution for consideration at the AGM that the meeting will be held a little later in the year than usual. The board will be proposing an amended constitution be adopted at the next AGM. Amending the constitution has been a lengthy project that this board has spent a considerable amount of time on. The board deems it important work that is best completed by the current board and voted on by members at the next AGM, as opposed to proceeding with an AGM in November and then holding a Special General Meeting a month or two later to vote on a special resolution.

In the coming days, the board will share with members a discussion paper outlining the proposed amendments to the constitution as well as the process and timeline for incorporating member feedback.

Planning for the 2021 season is underway and will not be impacted by the AGM being held in early December. A Director Nomination Pack containing information and forms for those interested in nominating for a position on the Board for 2021 will be published over the coming weeks. In the meantime, please contact your board member of choice if you have any questions.

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