Team of the Decade: Maya Edgerton-Bachmann

The next player to grace the Women’s Team of the Decade is attacking midfielder Maya Edgerton-Bachmann.

Maya was one of the first names on the State 1 team sheet, playing for the club in seasons 2011 and 2012. Some of the features of her game included ball control and footwork second to none, quick off the mark and at full pace, with an ability to connect with headers out of reach for everyone else without gloves on.

Playing number 10, Maya dazzled everyone with her fancy footwork – and I mean everyone. Defenders could not dispossess her, spectators from both sides were entranced. It wasn’t great for her team mates either, often caught transfixed to her every move when the ball was at her feet.

She would seem to float above the ground with the ball underneath her (see accompanying image), but always completely within her control, as though she had it connected to her foot by a piece of string.

A spectacular goal scorer, Maya has the ability to knock in a long-range goal with barely any suggestion she’s ready to take a shot – other than having beaten the tackle attempts of half the opposition team of course. But Maya’s talents were most commonly applied to assisting her teammates. Such a team player she would often square the ball after having danced her way past a handful of players, graciously accepting multiple knocks to her shins and knees as passing gifts on the way through. Many a ‘wrap’ has been written detailing a cross or pass into the path of fellow Team of the Decade team mates Keryn or Heloise, for an easy tap into goal. Maya was always about the team, incredibly modest and never wanting to be placed above her teammates, with the skill set she has she continually put her body on the line to help the team succeed.

A super awesome human and footballer – congratulations Maya on your inclusion in the team!

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