🌈 Humans of MUSC Pride Edition: Audrey Price 🌈

In this edition of Humans of MUSC, we chat to the WSL5SE Vice Captain and long-time MUSC member, Audrey Price. Read on to find out about how she got involved with MUSC, how she even met her partner playing at the club and her thoughts on pride and inclusivity at MUSC.

Can you introduce yourself please:

My name is Audrey, I play in state 5 SE. I’ve been playing at the club since 2013, and my main role is vice captain/chief cheerleader of the people that play here. 

Why did you choose to play at the Melbourne University Soccer Club?

Truly I chose soccer because I thought it would make me cooler as a person- in hindsight that was a pretty lofty hope, but you’ve got to reach for the stars. Did it work? You be the judge. 

What do you feel are the main benefits of playing at MUSC?

We seem to magically attract the most amazing people to the club- there’s never been a time I haven’t completely adored my teammates. Each year I think “this team will never be as fun/hilarious/cohesive as last year” and BAM! surpassed! It just gets better and better.  

Audrey is standing with one hand on her hip, in her wedding dress, with one heeled foot on a soccer ball at Clifton Park synthetic.
Audrey Price – shot by MUSC alumnus Rach Bach (@bythewhiteline) 

Was there anything you didn’t expect about MUSC when you came to play?

I didn’t expect to be welcomed so warmly and to make so many incredible, lifelong friends. It’s a bit cheesy, but coming back here each year feels like coming home (and there are new people inside my house, but not in a scary way).

Do you have any particularly memorable experiences of playing sports/ outdoor activities?

I walked the Camino de Santiago with my now-wife (then-love-interest) and 600km in I tripped over in a pizza shop and split my hand open. I needed four stitches, and we told everyone afterwards that I did it in a daring rescue mission down a mountain, rather than just excitedly moving toward pizza. 

Do you have any special talents that no one knows about? 

I can make Lozz Thompson’s dog, Teddy, look at me (this sounds easy but is actually hard as it requires a very specific accent). Also, I can yell happy nonsense for 90 straight minutes if left unchecked, and frequently do, during games. 

Can you tell us about how you and your partner Keryn met? 

Ahhhhh yes. In my first year at the club, she filled in for my team (state 4, at the time) as goalie, and I said “thanks Keryn!” afterwards. She maintains I said “thanks Karen” but I think we can all agree I am excellent with names/am always correct so we’ll go with my side of this story. In preseason the next year, I met her again at the pub after training, and dazzled her with my many jokes about the Moonee Valley fete (you’d be surprised how much content a gal can create when she needs to impress) and the rest is history!

Audrey (left) with Keryn, circa 2016

What’s it like playing with your partner at a club like MUSC? 

I mean, to me it’s like being married to Sam Kerr- Keryn is a MUSC institution and I get to stand at the sidelines watching her work her magic each week. I’m always a huge fangirl of her whole team to be honest- they will definitely attest to this. It’s truly the greatest thing to watch someone do something they love and are so good at, because often love and talent don’t intersect like that. (I’m sure Keryn would say the same about me. (For those of you who don’t know me, this is a joke! I am enthusiastic but Not Talented at soccer).  Having 90 mutual besties with your wife is pretty amazing too. 

Audrey and Keryn in their wedding dresses, laughing and holding one soccer ball together.
Keryn and Audrey: live, laugh, loving soccer together ! shot by Rach Bach (@bythewhiteline)

Can you show us some wedding photos – we’ve been hanging out to see them! 

Nothing would give me greater pleasure! We managed to get famous Nike photog/ex-MUWSC player/cherished friend Rach Bach (AKA @bythewhiteline) to shoot our wedding; she managed to capture the most incredible moments- little looks between people and lots of silliness, but the crowning glory of all of it was that we made it onto her Instagram grid, and Sam Kerr has seen our wedding photos. Clang! (The other crowning glory was the marriage itself, which is the best)

What do pride and inclusion mean to you at MUSC?

What joy this club is – I can’t think of another place on earth where anyone who shows up with a good attitude can be enveloped by the easy fun and love of such an excellent group of people. ‘Pride round’ happens every week around here, and I feel so lucky to be able to live amongst it. 

Audrey and Keryn at their wedding surrounded by family, friends and MUSC friends! – shot by Rach Bach (@bythewhiteline) 
Audrey and Keryn recite their vows – shot by Rach Bach (@bythewhiteline) 
A group photo at Audrey and Keryn's wedding, featuring current MUSC players, former MUSC players and friends.
Audrey and Keryn with their MUSC team members and friends – shot by Rach Bach (@bythewhiteline) 

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