Team of the Decade: Jacqui Brotchie

Welcome Jacqui Brotchie to our Women’s Team of the Decade!

Though she can often be seen donning a retro Bulleen tracksuit, Jacqui’s heart truly belongs to the blue of Melbourne University. She has been one of the most consistent and dedicated members of the seniors’ squad over the last three years, an ever present at training and on the field, and the epitome of a team player.

Jacqui is equally comfortable (though not necessarily equally as thrilled) in both a wide or central defensive role thanks to her excellent positional sense. You won’t often see a last-ditch sliding challenge from her, not because she isn’t adept, but purely because she reads the game so well that she rarely needs to do anything last-ditch. It’s this understated style of play which probably means Jacqui’s performances could go unnoticed to a casual spectator, but she is highly valued by her teammates, particularly amongst her fellow defenders.

There’s a distinctly high level of competitiveness amongst the Brotchie blood line (if you’ve ever played summer 7s against them you’ll know what I mean) and you might be forgiven for believing Jacqui missed out on this gene due to her cool demeanour. But do not be fooled, this girl is a nightmare to play against and she will NOT let you get to the ball first. She’s marked many a ‘star’ player from opposing teams out of the game, and almost never surrenders possession. These qualities have been vital in both of our recent league and grand final doubles in 2017 and 2019, where Jacqui played an absolutely crucial part.

Congratulations Jacqui!

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