Team of the Decade: Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson is selected to the women’s team of the decade as the reserve goalkeeper.

Jack (Meg) Thompson joined the club in 2012 and immediately brought a calm and polished presence between the posts which was all the more impressive given Jack was only 16!

Jack had already developed the full range of skills required by accomplished goalkeepers, set on a foundation of sound technical ability and fantastic positioning. In the author’s opinion, one of the best keepers in the league in 2012.

Although lacking the height you would expect of a talented goalkeeper, Jack never let this get in the way of keeping the opposition goal-less, with 6 clean sheets in 2012. Their ability to leap, dive, stretch and reach to every corner of the goal was astounding, and there was many an occasion that the opposition would begin to cheer a certain goal, only to be denied by Jack’s outstretched fingers.

Travelling all the way from Monbulk three times a week was a huge commitment, but Jack never missed a training session or a game – an incredible show of dedication for such a young player.

Despite their young age, Jack showed an amazing understanding of the game; often able to prevent opposition attacks by clever positioning to collect long balls before reaching the intended target.

Jack fitted into the team right from the start and formed an integral part of a very capable defensive unit. Often quiet but always confident, Jack physically and vocally commanded the 18-yard box when our goal was under attack – saves to the top and bottom corners of the goal were regularly on show.

One of their many talents was being able to relieve defensive pressure and begin a counterattack by long distance goal kicks, as well as sharp awareness to produce a long, accurate throw to a free player after an opposition attack.

It was a pleasure having you as a teammate Jack, congratulations on your selection!

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