Board of Directors: Nomination Info Pack


The following resources will be useful for those considering serving on the club’s Board of Directors in 2021.

Information for potential directors [PDF]

2020-2023 Strategic Plan Overview [PDF]

Board Member Agreement [PDF]

Impact of Special Resolution on the 2021 Board Structure

Notice has been given that the 2020 AGM will be held on Tuesday 15 December via Zoom and a special resolution will be considered at that meeting to change the club’s constitution. See Notice of AGM and Special Resolution.

If the special resolution passes, the changes to the Constitution will not take immediate effect as they will still need to be ratified by Consumer Affairs Victoria. Therefore, the election of the Board of Directors at the 2020 AGM will proceed as specified in the current constitution regardless of whether the special resolution passes. That will see the election of a Board of seven: a President, two Vice Presidents, two Secretaries and two Treasurers.

Nominees should be aware that if the special resolution passes, the structure of the 2021 Board will change. All Directors appointed at the 2020 AGM will remain Directors. The President will remain President. The duplicated Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary roles would no longer exist, so three Directors would continue serving as Ordinary Board Members instead of holding an office bearer position. The Board will also have an opportunity to appoint one more Director to take the number of Directors on the Board from seven to eight.

The outcome of the special resolution will be known before the election of the 2021 Board takes place. Nominees for the 2021 Board should keep in mind that while they may be elected to a specific office bearer position, that retaining an office bearer position under the new structure is not guaranteed, and that they may become an Ordinary Board Member. Similarly, if the resolution passes, there will be opportunities for people to join the Board as an Ordinary Board Member, they’ll just have to first be elected into one of the pre-existing office bearer positions until the constitution changes are ratified by CAV.


Any club member (minimum age 18) can nominate to be a Director.

Four incumbent Directors (three men, 1 woman) have indicated their desire and willingness to seek re-election for the 2021 Board. Three incumbent Directors (2 women, 1 man) have indicated they will not seek re-election.

The club’s Board should contain an appropriate mix of diversity, skills, experience and expertise to enable the Board to discharge its responsibilities effectively. Diversity will ensure the Board is well equipped to help the club navigate the range of opportunities and challenges it faces. Board composition should ideally reflect the diversity of the club membership.

Director Nomination Form [opens in new tab]

Nominees are invited to submit a short covering letter to accompany their nomination. Candidates can use the covering letter to introduce themselves to members, outlining their background, skills and experience, and communicate their motivations for serving on the Board.

Nominees’ covering letters should be submitted to [email protected] and will be circulated to all MUSC members prior to the AGM if submitted in a timely manner. If an election or elections are required at the AGM, candidates will be given the opportunity to make a 2-minute presentation to the members prior to voting.

Members with questions about the work of the Board or the process to nominate can contact a Board Member of their choice, or email [email protected]. So as to avoid potential conflicts of interest, all effort will be made so that enquiries will be dealt with by one of the Directors not seeking re-election.

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